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Vaccine Zombies
By Mike Adams
Edited by Dr. Michael W. Roth


In January 2022, Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" wrote the following article about the changes we're seeing in those who have received the COVID "vaccinations" and some of the subsequent associated bizarre behavior. My wife and I are witness to it, not just on the roads, stores and other public places, but within our own families. We've never experienced anything like it prior to the mass biochemical jabs. 

I've taken the liberty to "tone down" some of the harshness of the lingo while still agreeing with almost everything written. Here it is: 

We are now witnessing the early signs of the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse: Raging personality changes, violent behavior and animalistic lower brain stem lunacy

Friday, January 07, 2022 by: Mike Adams








(Natural News) This story is about the reality of vaccine zombies, but to get there, we first have to cover the underlying reasons that compelled people to sign up for the very covid shots that are now affecting their brains. To understand all this, we must first take a look at what kind of person is easily convinced to take the vaccine shots and keep taking them even after evidence of harm is obvious. Some got it, a little late perhaps, after taking the first two jabs and then realized how dangerous it was. They stopped. But the easily manipulated ones continue to line up for more…

The world is full of people who are, in a very real way, cognitively slow. Part of this "slowness" deprives these individuals of the ability to understand basic concepts in math, probability or risk assessment. This is why they are so easily cajoled into thinking “climate change” is going to kill everybody, or that COVID vaccine risk is zero.

Some of the characteristic habits of these mathematical buffoons include:

  • They are easily influenced by deceptive claims in the mainstream media and are quickly driven to fear.

  • They frequently buy lottery tickets because they don’t understand math and are lazy.

  • They tend to eat a lot of highly processed junk foods rather than purchasing unrefined, unprocessed foods that actually deliver far more nutrition.

  • Their homes are filled with brand name garbage products. They are 100% a product of television advertising and media propaganda. 

  • They have very poor financial management skills and are perpetually “broke,” frequently experiencing catastrophes or crisis events that they always claim are “never their fault.”

  • They waste money on extremely low deductibles for car insurance because they don’t understand how insurance products are priced.

  • They think they need insurance for everything and obsess over buying more insurance policies for everything imaginable, including sometimes buying “travel life insurance” where they bet that they will die during an upcoming flight.

  • They are far more interested in acquiring health insurance than in taking care of their health. They are often in very poor health but refuse to change their habits to improve it.

  • They LOVE booster shots and vaccines! They’re also huge fans of masks and social distancing. 

  • Finally, since they have no power over themselves, they don't mind being controlled by someone else. 


We all live in a world that’s heavily populated by these dum-dums, but that’s about to change because of the covid vaccine.

Right now, around 100,000 vaccine takers in America are dying each month from the vaccine itself (see numbers here). This is going to accelerate dramatically through 2022 and beyond. Over the next decade, you are going to live through a “mass casualty event” of vaccinated doctors, journalists, scientists, Big Tech workers, Wall Street workers, city managers, schoolteachers and more, all dying from the vaccine injections they ignorantly believed were safe and approved. These people are going to drop and either lose consciousness or die, just like the 36-year-old reporter from Brazil who publicly bragged about taking the covid jab, then passed out and lost consciousness on camera during a news broadcast.

The reason the TV newscaster lost consciousness and suffered five heart attacks is because his blood turned into a semi-solid due to the spike protein “vaccine” injections. Obviously, when your blood ceases to function as a liquid and begins to turn into a solid, it can no longer flow through your circulatory system. Within seconds, your brain loses oxygen, and you lose consciousness. This is why so many people who take the covid “clot shot” injections are dying or passing out. Just look at the increasing reports we are seeing in the news every day of celebrities, sports figures, broadcasters, musicians etc., who are dying suddenly very young without explanation. The interesting thing is, because of their professions, they MUST take the shots - it's mandatory. And yet, the media and the public cannot or refuse to "connect the dots" and see the vaccine relationship. 

Additionally, for every person that is famous and dropping dead, there are thousands of unknown citizens who are dying but the media will not report it - they are too interested in the rich and famous. 

Now, as vaccinated people decline from “normal” status to DEAD, they go through a zombie-like phase of insanity and personality changes. You’ve probably witnessed this in friends, family members or co-workers who took the clot shots. It's also evident more so on our highways with increasingly erratic, violent and aggressive driving and reactions.

Before the shots, many were normal, healthy, happy people. Then things went downhill soon after the shots. You may have noticed personality changes, increased aggressiveness and a turn toward animalistic / zombie-like behavior. These are signs that blood clots are starting to form, cutting off the oxygen to the parts of the brain responsible for processing higher cognitive functions. Essentially, they are devolving into vaccine zombies, and they don’t even realize it.

It’s important to understand that the more extreme their personality changes, the more blood clots are affecting their brain. Accordingly, the less time they have remaining to live. So, when you see vaccine zombies losing their minds and behaving in ways that seem like a divergence from humanity, recognize that they don’t have much longer to live as the spike proteins cut off the last functioning portions of their injured brains.

Recognizing this, The New American host Ben Armstrong recently asked, “Are people who still wear masks suffering from a mental illness?” He’s on the right track, but I think they’re actually suffering from neurological brain damage due to blood clots and spike protein nanoparticles.

Once this process fully plays out, these people will die from catastrophic brain injuries, strokes, heart attacks or lymphocyte attacks on their organs. Just remember that during the transition to that death, they will transform into insane vaccine zombie creatures who lash out at everyone around them and act in ways you would never expect.

An especially demonstrative example of this is found in the video from Melbourne, Australia, where a jogger named “Simone” was viciously attacked by an angry man who claimed the jogger wasn’t maintaining sufficient social distancing from his family.

Beyond mass formation psychosis: It’s a vaccine zombie apocalypse


All this explains why so many left-wing journalists have turned into biased, hateful maniacs who can no longer even process the reality of the world around them. This is also why left-wing tech employees — most of whom took the clot shots — are “triggered” by reality and have to censor all speech rooted in reality. They have to protect their fragile psyche from making contact with the real world, or their entire delusional worldview will be shattered.

Overall, the process goes something like this:

  • Step 1: They begin as ignorant folks who watch too much T.V., don’t understand much about numbers, risks and reality.

  • Step 2: They take the clot shots (and boosters) because they are easily talked into vaccine suicide by the depopulation “authorities.”

  • Step 3: The clot shots begin to take effect, unleashing blood clots that lodge and cut off oxygen from portions of their brains.

  • Step 4: Losing higher brain function, they plunge into primitive, “brain stem” behavior, causing personality changes and very aggressive outbursts against others.

  • Step 5: As the brain damage worsens, they devolve into “mask and vaccine zombies, ultimately being unrecognizable to the people who once knew them.

  • Step 6: The blood clots and spike proteins finally finish off their brains, leading to a final catastrophic event that takes their life: A massive stroke, brain hemorrhage, etc.

At that point, another sheep bites the dust, and the world is slightly less insane. The problem, of course, is that there will likely be billions of vaccine zombies going through this process as the spike proteins eat their vascular systems and brains.


Remember, over 4.7 billion people have so far been injected with these brain-damaging, heart-busting clot shots, according to And every single one of those people is going to be hunted down and coerced into taking more booster shots, over and over, until the global depopulation agenda is achieved (or we stop this insanity by halting all covid vaccines, thus ending the pandemic).

This means that for those of us who aren’t zombies, one of our greatest challenges will be surviving the vaccine zombie apocalypse.

Dr. Michael Roth is a retired doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. After running a successful chiropractic office for nearly 15 years, Dr. Roth branched out into peripheral realms of health study to enable him to offer his clients a more complete and overall knowledge base of wellness. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he is dedicated to provide for and educate the public regarding the gaining and maintaining of dynamic health and effective body cleansing. Dr. Roth also developed a unique topical EDTA cream for the safe, gentle and effective removal of toxic chemicals, graphene oxide, heavy metals and more from the body. He can be reached at:

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