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IL-6 Cytokine Protein (inflammation inducer)
By Dr. Michael W. Roth


Interleukin 6, or IL-6, is a primarily pro-inflammatory cytokine protein which is produced naturally in response to infection or tissue damage and initiates the inflammatory response. 

Scientific evidence: IL-6, is found in far higher levels among the vaxxed. IL-6 levels have been inversely related with T-cell count in ICU patients

IL-6 can be inhibited by anti-inflammatory nutrients or supplements, the most powerful and effective being calcium disodium EDTA.   

Dr. Michael Roth is a retired doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. After running a successful chiropractic office for nearly 15 years, Dr. Roth branched out into peripheral realms of health study to enable him to offer his clients a more complete and overall knowledge base of wellness. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he is dedicated to provide for and educate the public regarding the gaining and maintaining of dynamic health and effective body cleansing. Dr. Roth also developed a unique topical EDTA cream for the safe, gentle and effective removal of toxic chemicals, graphene oxide, heavy metals and more from the body. 


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