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Graphene Oxide/Vaccine Detox - Sons of Liberty Interview
with Dr. Michael W. Roth & Tim Brown, December 2021

Is Graphene Oxide in the COVID Shots?


When the news first came out, there were a lot of health care providers wanting to know if graphene oxide was in the vials and if so, can it be removed.   


In response, there have been quite a few protocols written up and discussed. For the most part they are decent and are all fairly similar, but they are lacking a vital component – something that I and other biochemists I’ve spoken with agree is probably the safest and most effective method to remove graphene oxide from the body using EDTA in a specialized form. Let’s focus on how can people detox from what’s been injected into them before it creates even more long-term damage.


My Experience


I’ve been involved with chelation/detox for many years and especially with EDTA – that’s what I’ve primarily been studying which lead to the development of my own detox formula.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term chelation, it’s has a Greek derivation and means “claw” specifically the binding of metal ions to an agent.


The important thing is we have to get this information to people – it can save lives and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. We HAVE to detox from these vaccines especially since it’s been proven that the contents definitely alter DNA which will affect the offspring of those who have been vaccinated! That’s extremely concerning.   


History and Evidence of GO


I think the first thing is to discuss exactly what graphene oxide is, what it’s used for, and what it is doing to those who, not only have been injected with it, but those who are being exposed to it in other ways.    


Some listening may already know something about graphene oxide and for others this may be the first they’ve heard of it.   


Back when I first heard about GO in July/August of 2021, and I started doing research, the information was speculative and limited to the University of Almeria study in Spain by Dr. Pablo Campra who discovered what looked like graphene oxide in the Comirnaty “vaccine” vials. 


Since then, over the last several months, many others have researched and posted their findings confirming the presence of GO in the clot shots.  


  • Karen Kingston – former Pfizer employee and top biotech analyst has confirmed the presence of GO in vaccines.

  • Rhoda Wilson wrote an article with proof that American Scientists found GO in the Covid injections.

  • Dr. Jane Ruby has done extensive research and analysis on GO contents in the vials

  • Dr. Robert Young, a biochemist, microbiologist and clinical nutrition and his team conducted extensive research and found GO in the major injections as well as a lot of other material.

  • Dr. Carrie Madji did her own research and saw the GO materials in the vials as well….


There have been many more since…


So Graphene Oxide is what it reads: the oxidized form of graphene. It’s the thinnest, strongest compound known.


It can be functionalized (which means enhanced by adding nanoparticles of various materials to modify its properties) and has a lot of industrial uses – it’s used as a chelator of heavy metals in the environment. That’s one of its most important properties – and it’s used primarily for removing heavy metals from industrial wastewater.


Because of the unique structure and properties, graphene’s been researched extensively for its many potential and current biomedical applications.


Because of its small size, it’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier and can affect neural networks in the brain. THIS has a lot of implications in delivering drugs in the body where other medications can’t reach.


But, because of this, there’s also a lot of information and concern about GO being used to alter or manipulate DNA, as well as affect a person’s brain function.


Much of this is related to its magnetic properties and ability to be affected by certain frequencies when applied to body tissues.    


The most important aspect of that particular property is when a resonant frequency is applied to graphene oxide, after it’s in the body, it excites the material causing it to oxidize faster and break the balance between glutathione (a natural antioxidant) and how the body handles toxins. This primarily affects the immune system and can start a cascading immune response or hyper inflammation – it’s also been referred to as a cytokine storm


Because graphene oxide is an excellent conductor – electricity can physically cause it to move and be manipulated in determined directions INSIDE the body. It has the capability of destroying cells from within.  


Even though graphene oxide has been around for decades, the damaging effects weren’t really exposed until the Almeria study showed that graphene oxide made up the majority of the vaccine contents, as much as 99% of it.  I’m using the word vaccine since it’s so prevalent, but we all know that’s not a TRUE definition of the word – although Fauci and the CDC continue to change definitions at their leisure.   


One of the conclusions that the scientists studying graphene oxide came to was that it’s responsible for a majority of COVID symptoms and deaths that are occurring, NOT the virus. The Sars COVID-2 virus has never been isolated and as far as I know, that’s still the case.  When a virus truly IS responsible for a disease, then typically it’s very easy to isolate and study.

So, we mentioned that as much as 99% of the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneka and J& J vials are GO. Just as a reminder, these shots have been proven conclusively to do absolutely nothing to prevent COVID, stop transmission or reduce symptoms (my own personal theory is that if they do reduce symptoms, it’s a temporary immune/epinephrine response  - numbing, similar to what happens in response to a traumatic injury making it appear to be reducing symptoms).  

Overall, these biochemical mixes have caused more death and injury in the last year than all of the vaccines administered in the last 20-30 years combined!  And, the media, politicians, surgeon general, CDC, the NIH, the W.H.O. continue to blatantly lie that these things are life-saving! Tim, I really pity all of them for when they will stand before the judge of the universe!  They have no idea what they are in for…

Moving on – if GO makes up as much of 99% of the vials, what’s in the other 1%? 

There’s the “usual suspects” found in past and current vaccines: aluminum, thimerosal  (mercury), formaldehyde, animal and/or human fetal tissue, ploymyxin (an antibiotic that is neuro & nephrotoxic and only used as a last resort for infections). There’s also beta-propio-lactone (a powerful, toxic disinfectant and carcinogen), GMOs, sugars, FD&C Yellow #6, monosodium glutamate, benzethonium chloride (a synthetic antiseptic like Lysol), ammonium sulfate, glutar-al-de-hyde (another disinfectant used to sterilize surgical instruments!), and ethanol.

Then there’s also what’s in the current CoVid shots: graphene oxide, mRNA, parasites, a lot of unknown material, and the spike protein responsible for CoVid-19. Everything but what’s supposed to be in there – an attenuated virus! All or most of these materials CAN be transmitted from vaccinated people to unvaccinated. 

It’s really important to understand that vaccines and their adjuvants accumulate in the body and negatively affect immunity. Just with aluminum alone, 75% is retained in a newborn and up to 40% in an adult; stored in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain, lymph nodes, and muscles and causes injury in the body; in fact… 

The list of harmful reactions caused by ANY vaccine given can be huge, but especially with the current COVID injections. From previous vaccinations and the latest ones, we’ve seen a combination of allergic reactions, convulsions, blood clots, heart damage, birth defects, developmental abnormalities, degenerative conditions, behavioral issues like ADHD and autism, asthma, autoimmune issues, cancer, neurological deficits, MS, arthritis, SIDS, and emotional changes.  And this is a very short list of KNOWN adverse reactions…

Also, a lot of the toxic ingredients are synergistic, for instance thimerosal’s toxic effects are multiplied in the presence of aluminum, and other medications. You can have harmful reactions with your immunizations from past vaccines combining with others. Mix and match is dangerous.

The criminal mainstream media and medical mafia cartel, in trying to get every last person on the planet jabbed with their biochemical weapons, are trying their best to cause division and hatred by blaming the unvaccinated for the continuation of COVID and for any new variants that are supposedly cropping up, which actually is impossible. Most people already have had COVID and have natural immunity, which, contrary to what the surgeon general has stated, IS much stronger than immunity from a vaccine. That’s immunology 101 and he KNOWS IT! Once you’ve had it, you can’t get it again and can’t give it to others. I’ve spoken with dozens of frontline doctors who are seeing it first hand and…it’s not the unvaccinated that are filling the ward, it’s the vaccinated that are coming in sick.    


I don’t want to veer off course here – so, in addition to the symptoms we just mentioned, studies have shown that when graphene oxide is introduced into the body, it produces symptoms identical to the short term symptoms of COVID like the metallic taste in one’s mouth, loss of smell and taste, fatigue, fever, chills, and so on.


But then, as more time passes, graphene oxide is generating blood clots, and altering immunity to create a hyper response as mentioned. It’s causing lung damage, bilateral pneumonias, DNA damage, apoptosis or necrosis (cell death) of the body cells.


Graphene oxide degrades natural antioxidants in the body and can get to deeper organs because it’s able to by-pass normal physiological barriers, like the blood-air barrier (lungs) and blood-brain barrier. Since these are natural barriers that protect specific bodily structures from physical and chemical insults we need to ask: Why are potentially lethal substances being designed to by-pass these protective structures?

Despite the increasing evidence of its inclusion in the vaccines, we continue to see massive cover up and denial of its presence. This also begs the question: if they are trying so hard to deny the inclusion of graphene oxide and other ingredients that we KNOW about, what else is in there that we DON’T know about??  Someone said the pharmaceutical companies consider their ingredients a “trade secret formula” and therefore, they’re not obligated to reveal them all.  That’s nice isn’t it?




The next concern that came up was about shedding or transmission from person to person, not of the virus, but of the vaccine contents. Can it be transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated? It’s called non-vector transmission.


For months, researchers and scientists have seen hundreds if not thousands of testimonies of symptoms from those that were around vaccinated people. Something was being shed or transmitted.  


Normal shedding usually occurs when a fraction of the disease causing agent, typically a virus, breaks off the host and enters another host, causing the normal immune response to build anti-bodies against future infection. The example that everyone uses is chicken pox. But…since there’s not virus in these shots, what’s causing the symptoms that people are experiencing?


We’ve heard numerous reports of pericarditis, Shingles, Pneumonia, blood clots in the extremities and brain, Bell’s palsy, vaginal bleeding, and miscarriages in persons, NOT only in those who were vaccinated, but from people who were around those who had been.


My wife and I got COVID just a couple of days after spending time with several of our friends and relatives who had recently received the shots. We were both pretty sick, but we went on natural healing regimens, recovered at home, and now have natural immunity.  


Back to shedding – all living things shed something – we lose hair, nails, skin cells (by the millions), blood cells, waste materials, and chemicals such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and a lot more.


It follows that graphene oxide would similarly be shed or transmitted from one person to another as it’s a transient material and not all the graphene is retained by the body.   


So we’ve basically got a couple of things that are being transmitted including graphene oxide, and the spike protein which is manufactured by the injected mRNA.   


Note:  When my wife and I first heard of the possibility of graphene oxide inclusion, we started to suspect it was possible that graphene oxide was included in previous flu shots leading up to 2020 to “jump-start” the COVID pandemic and then strengthen it using vaccines and 5G tech. We think it’s been in vaccines for years and this was later confirmed by the group of doctors in Spain.


We haven’t really talked about 5G being utilized in all this. I talk more about this in the paper I wrote, but because of the nano-magnetic properties, it’s been demonstrated that graphene oxide reacts strongly to the resonant frequency of 5G. We don’t yet fully know how 5G can negatively affect the body by stimulating injected GO, until its fully rolled out, but…we know it can’t be good and believe that’s it’s all tied in and has been from the beginning. I really believe that’s why 5G is being pushed so hard, not so you can download a movie in 10 seconds!   


Back to transmission - Pfizer released a document in late 2020 or early 2021 with a really long title that’s available online about the SARS-COV-2 RNA VACCINE. On pages 67 to 69 there are specific cautions regarding pregnant women, family members, healthcare providers and occupational workers being “exposed to the ‘study intervention’ by inhalation or skin contact…which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an AE (adverse event).” [IOW – by those who have been vaccinated to those who have not]. By their own admission, they are confirming non-vector transmission.   


There’s also evidence of graphene oxide possibly being placed in mask material, testing swabs, and intranasal vaccine sprays, although it may be sporadic. AFLDS tested several batches and didn’t find anything, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not in other lots or will be. It always makes me wonder what else they might try to sneak it into our bodies without our knowing it.    


What can be done after the fact? How can people DETOX from the shot contents?


If you’ve been jabbed or been exposed to the vial contents in any way, shape, or form, it’s critical to get them out of the body as quickly and thoroughly as possible so the body can recover from the present and potential damage.


There’s been a lot of discussion about reducing the effects of the spike protein but not as much about graphene oxide since it’s the newest kid on the block, relatively speaking.  


Knowing how strong graphene oxide is, I believe that the current detox protocols might be able to help degrade it, but not eliminate it from the body.  


That’s why I’ve done so much research on detoxing it and developed what has to be the most effective way to eliminated it using EDTA. GO HAS to be removed. If not, the long-term consequences of remaining in the body could be disastrous.




EDTA is Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, it’s a compound that medical doctors have been using for I.V. heavy metal chelation, specifically lead, for over 50 years, but it’s also been found to show a lot of other health benefits as well. The cool thing about EDTA is that it’s a very mild synthetic amino acid that is closely related to vinegar or ordinary acetic acid. It’s also FDA approved for chelation therapy, but it has chelation benefits that don’t exist in any other detox method.  


Graphene oxide is considered a quasi-metal with metallic properties, so it is conceivable that EDTA can remove it from the body; not just degreed or lessen the effects.


There are already a lot of articles discussing the use of graphene functionalized with EDTA to chelate toxins, pollutants and bacterial pathogens from aqueous solutions. So if follows that anything bound to EDTA would be chelated or removed from the body as well. 


EDTA can be delivered orally, through IV, rectally (suppositories) and most recently transdermally. The best form of EDTA for detox is calcium disodium. Oral EDTA or suppositories are not recommended because of poor absorption (about 10%) and IV is long, expensive and pretty aggressive. In a topical cream it’s slower, gentler, safer, and has almost no side effects.


I’ve spoken with Garry Gordon in the past. He’s an M.D., a D.O. and is considered the father of modern detox who has spoken and written extensively on the benefits of EDTA chelation. He also talks about how EDTA therapy has been shown to reduce calcium accumulation in the blood vessels and can help lay down calcium in the bone matrix help those who suffer from osteoporosis.


If you look at sites like PubMed, they don’t support EDTA benefits. Anything that will cut into medicine profits will be condemned. But the studies are conclusive:  


The McDonaugh Medical Center in Missouri, conducted one that revealed the dramatic benefits of EDTA chelation for cardiovascular disease and reducing arterial blockages.


I wanted to mention just a few more of the benefits. Did you know that there are actually over TEN THOUSAND scientific papers supporting its use in a lot of different areas of health? EDTA has been proven to:  


  • reduce the effects of a heart attack and associated chest pain.

  • reduce shortness of breath in coronary artery disease.

  • helps to prevent and reduce osteoarthritis

  • remove calcific plaque in blood vessels.

  • improve memory and Alzheimer's disease.

  • improve blood flow.

  • reduce blood pressure.

  • can help restore impaired vision in macular degeneration and can dissolve small cataracts.

  • dissolve large and small blood clots. In fact, a lot of people take aspirin to prevent or reduce clots – the problem is that it affects even normal clotting that’s supposed to happen like when you have a cut. If you’re taking aspirin, you can continue bleeding longer than normal. EDTA only addresses abnormal clotting and doesn’t interfere with the normal process.    



EDTA doesn’t do any good topically unless it’s able to get through the skin.

Even though our skin was created as a protective barrier from the elements, it wasn’t designed to prevent absorption of modern chemicals. Modern science has been using lipid-based nano-systems for transdermal drug delivery that demonstrates that.    

It’s been shown that any chemical or compound under 500 Daltons in size is able to penetrate the skin. Larger molecules can’t get through.   

The molecular weight (molar mass) of EDTA is 292.24 g/mol which translates to  292.24 Daltons; far below the 500 Dalton threshold. Especially combined with lipid carrier oils and applied to thin, vascular skin EDTA will completely pass through the dermal layers and enter the bloodstream to detox.   


The reason this is so important is because two of the most deadly chemicals contained in the vaccines are able to cross the blood brain barrier and very few substances can get through to bind to them and chelate them out of the body other than EDTA.  Anything under a 400-500 Dalton threshold can cross the blood brain barrier – and both graphene oxide and mercury can. So EDTA at 292.24 Daltons CAN cross the BBB and attach to GO and mercury for removal at the cellular level.   

There are other detox protocols that are helpful. They are all pretty similar for the most part and are better than nothing, but a lot of it is coming from health care providers who may be experts in medicine, but they have little to no nutritional education or experience and are simply recommending nutrition and/or supplementation without any regard to purity, sourcing, added artificial ingredients, or testing. That’s why the best nutrition and supplementation recommendations should come from those who are extensively educated in those subjects. It’s what I’ve been doing for many years.   


The next question is who should detox?  

Short answer – everyone. We’re being bombarded every day through our food, air and water no matter how careful we are and need to be continuously detoxing to avoid accumulation. And, if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s especially vital.

One of the very first steps is to reduce or stop the influx of toxins into your body.  It’s something everyone can control to a degree. There’s no point in trying to detox poisons if you’re putting them right back in with follow up shots or boosters.   


Second, try to clean up your environment as much as possible. If we’re constantly using products that contain harmful chemicals, the body simply cannot recover well. Go “green” as much as possible. Use laundry, body care, lawn care products that do not contain toxic chemicals (almost all do). Non-toxic products are out there, it just takes a little research.


Third is diet. As much as possible eat an organic, plant-based diet. Conventionally grown foods contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and many more. The less toxins you ingest the better. If you eat meat, limit the amount and source free-range, pasture-raised meats. Other aids you can employ include:

  • move out of the city and live near a lot of trees for fresh air. You can also help by using an air purifier at home. 

  • drink at least 1-2 liters of purified water a day to flush out toxins and cleanse your organs.

  • stress destroys the microbiome in the gut and hampers your ability to digest and detox. Reduce stress for improved hormonal and emotional health.

  • rather than the length of sleep time, the quality of sleep is more important. Deep, sound, uninterrupted sleep heals and is better achieved by slowing down before bed, turning off the computer and tv early, and taking melatonin. 

  • Epsom salts and/or clay baths help pull toxins from the body.

  • Green smoothies are a great way to detox for adults and children.

  • moving the lymph and sweating are both great ways to detox. The skin is just one of four major ways the body releases toxins. The other three are through the lungs, bladder and colon. And sweating through either exercise or an infrared sauna are great ways to do that.   


What about Supplementation


Before buying any supplements, know there’s good and bad. Bad are those that contain harmful, artificial ingredients and preservatives. Good are those that come from organic/pure sources with little to no artificial ingredients.

This health protocol doesn’t take into account effective prescription medications like HCQ and Ivermectin if you can get them. But, these meds really don’t help with detox and most of the time they aren’t necessary if you follow a proper natural protocol. I’m just going to mention some here, but anyone can get a detailed protocol list with amounts and directions by contacting me directly.

Some good nutrients for COVID Prevention/Mitigation are:

  • Vitamin D3

  • B-complex

  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cystene)  

  • Zinc

  • Oregano Oil

  • Vitamin C 

  • Melatonin

  • Natto-K

  • Liposomal glutathione

  • Colloidal silver

  • Digestive and Proteolytic enzymes (biofilms)  

  • Pre and probiotics


Additional Detox Helpful Nutrients


Pine needle, Spruce, Cedar and Fir tea contain (Shikimic Acid), which help boosts immunity, hydrate, and helps detox.  


Some others are:

  • Bentonite clay/Activated Charcoal

  • Chlorella/Spirulina

  • Garlic

  • MMS or chlorine dioxide

  • Humic and Fulvic acids  


If a protocol is too involved, people won’t do it. Many protocols are too complex for 100% compliance. So if you are going to do just ONE THING to detox the vaccine poisons out, a topical EDTA cream is it.  



We’ve been exposed to heavy metals and chemicals since we were born and it continues to grow every day. So they won’t be eliminated overnight. It takes time and patience but the rewards are worth it.   




Vaccines are based on a Faulty Germ Theory 
Louis Pasture’s theory has been embraced that it’s the germs that cause disease, but it’s been proven false. Rather, it’s been shown that the health of the terrain (our bodies) determines whether germs are held in check or grow out of control. Our immunity determines our health. That’s why we need to take care of ourselves; to be proactive and not rely on modern medicine for health.        


In some ways, people may believe things are getting better, but from a biblical standpoint, we have to say NO, they’re not! Re: as long as man continues to sin, rebel against God, violate His commandments, blaspheme His name and the Sabbath, the fires of judgment will come back and continue to burn. We have to repent and turn to Him.

Psalm 119:65 says that true liberty exists when men walk in obedience to God’s commandments. If we keep covenant with Jesus Christ and obey his law, he will give and preserve liberty. If we break covenant with him, the land will be overrun with rebels and tyrants, and that’s exactly what is happening.

There is one supreme law – the Bible, and one national law – the Constitution. Our national, state, and local officials were elected to uphold the Constitution, not to make laws as they see fit. We need to pray for them as we are commanded, that the Lord will embolden them to resist the lawless spirit of the federal government. We have to resist and not bow to tyrants. Jesus Christ alone is our king.

Dr. Michael Roth is a retired doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. After running a successful chiropractic office for nearly 15 years, Dr. Roth branched out into peripheral realms of health study to enable him to offer his clients a more complete and overall knowledge base of wellness. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he is dedicated to provide for and educate the public regarding the gaining and maintaining of dynamic health and effective body cleansing. Dr. Roth also developed a unique topical EDTA cream for the safe, gentle and effective removal of toxic chemicals, graphene oxide, heavy metals and more from the body. 


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