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From the Journal of Chemistry 2019

Ingestion of heavy metals through food and drinking water is a major exposure source for the general human population. Industrialization, urbanization, and the rapid economic development around the globe have led to intensification in industrial and agricultural activities. Such activities cause contamination of water, air, and soils with toxic heavy metals. Growing human foods in heavy metal-contaminated media lead to bio-accumulation of these elements in the human food chains from where these elements ultimately reach the human body.


"The global trends of industrialization and urbanization on Earth have led to an increase in the anthropogenic share of heavy metals in the environment. The anthropogenic sources of heavy metals in the environment include mining, industrial and agricultural activities."


Translation: we are being slowly poisoned primarily from environmental pollution in our air, water and food. We are being systematically exterminated by our own technology! This includes the millions of tons of chemicals being purposely dispersed from specially equipped jets (Chem-trails).


Generally, people have no awareness and knowledge about this exposure to heavy metals and its consequences for human health; a silent killer.


The following is an excerpt from the book: Accidental Cure by Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. "The presence of both lead and mercury in the body presents a synergistic toxic effect. It represents a 100 fold increase in toxicity compared to lead or mercury exposure alone.


[Heavy] metals are associated with new emerging illnesses that do not fit into current medical models. Examples include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, autism, hormonal imbalance, infertility, low sex drive, depression, insomnia, anxiety, neuropathy, memory loss, irritability, moodiness, muscle weakness, cancer, unexplained cardiovascular problems, and many other illnesses.


EDTA chelation therapy has been used for dramatic improvement in health via heavy metal removal and has been extremely beneficial for arteriosclerosis and angina, gangrene, and neuropathy. Memory, sight and other sensory functions have also improved as well as vitality."








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