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EDTA and Skin Absorption for Heavy Metal Detox
by Dr. Michael W Roth

Previous articles have discussed the multiple benefits of using EDTA in a transdermal cream as the best method for entering the body gently, safely, and effectively for the removal of heavy metals, toxins, and graphene oxide as well as its ability to reduce or eliminate calcific plaque in arteries for cardiovascular health among many of its other benefits.

This article will specifically detail why and how transdermal delivery is exceptional when it comes to EDTA absorption and penetration into the body for the purpose of detoxification.   

The Difference between Penetration and Absorption

We’ve already determined the amazing benefits of EDTA. However, it does absolutely no good unless it is absorbed through the skin and able to go where it needs to go and do what it’s supposed to do.

It’s also important to distinguish between penetration of a substance and its absorption.  Penetration is when a chemical makes it into the deeper layers of the skin while absorption is when the chemical actually makes it into the bloodstream.

Every chemical has a different absorption rate and to complicate that even further, some chemicals react on the body and make other chemical compounds more or less absorbable.

Skin Absorption

Before we dig further into absorption of EDTA for detoxification, it’s important to dispel a common myth about the skin and its ability to absorb chemicals.

Unfortunately, there is much false information about EDTA on the popular platforms and even about the skin. Most of this false material is promoted by medically-backed publications like PubMed, WebMD and even as well as written publications. Theirs is a simple agenda – vilify alternative treatments to keep people away from treating themselves and have them spend the money on medical treatments. It is, after all, a multi-billion dollar business! For now, we’ll focus simply on the topic-at-hand…

MYTH: EDTA is a large molecule and it cannot penetrate through the skin because the skin is designed as a protective barrier.

This is true and false. Our creator designed our skin to 1st, hold us together and 2nd, to be our first line of defense from outside elements such as wind, rain, dirt, etc.  However, the skin was NOT designed to inhibit absorption of modern chemicals or substances.

In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage. Other studies found the face to be several times more permeable than broad body surfaces and an absorption rate of 100% for underarms and genitalia. And another peer-reviewed study showed 100% absorption for fragrance ingredients.

Many medicines are delivered through the skin, most often in the form of patches or gels. This method is quite potent and effective at delivering chemicals into our body.

“Dermal Absorption”: the three ways chemicals enter the skin

Generally speaking, there are three different routes through which a chemical can enter the skin: intracellular, intercellular, and transappendageal.

The absorption of substances through the skin (also called percutaneous, or dermal absorption)

EDTA penetrates skin through cells (intracellular), between cells (intercellular), or through appendages like hair follicles or sweat ducts (transappendageal). Then it’s absorbed by blood or lymph.

Another example of how modern science is able to “by-pass” the protective barrier of that is our skin is by using fat-based “carrier agents.”

Lipid-based nano-delivery systems for skin delivery of drugs and bioactives

Ethosomes are a novel lipid (fat-based) carrier that has shown enhanced skin delivery of encapsulated compounds - composed of phospholipids which allow them to more easily penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

The newer classes of lipid vesicles, including deformable lipid vesicles and surfactant-based elastic vesicles, have generated improved in vivo and in vitro skin delivery of various drugs and bioactive agents for both dermal and transdermal drug delivery.

This is what many chemical patches are based on such as nicotine patches, insulin patches and even anti-depressants.

It has also been determined scientifically that any chemical or compound under 500 Daltons in size is able to penetrate the skin. Larger molecules typically cannot pass through. The most commonly used pharmacological agents applied in topical dermatotherapy are all under 500 Daltons; including all known topical drugs used in transdermal drug-delivery systems.

The molecular weight of EDTA is 292.24 g/mol (molar mass).


A Dalton (Da) is a unit of molar mass where 1 Da = 1 g/mol. Therefore 292.24 g/mol = 292.24 Daltons.  Since EDTA is 292.24 Da, it is 207.76 Da less than the 500 Dalton maximum for absorption. Therefore, combined with a lipid carrier oil such as Vitamin E and applied to thin areas of the skin, EDTA is able to completely pass through the dermal layers of the skin to be absorbed into the blood, carried to the various tissues of the body, and thus work its chelating magic.


Another very important quality of EDTA is its ability to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and bind to toxins which may be able to also cross that protective barrier such as Mercury or Graphene Oxide. Small molecules that do cross the BBB have the dual molecular characteristics of a) molecular weight under a 400-500 Dalton threshold and b) lipid solubility.


In conclusion this should help dispel any false information about our bodies not being able to absorb substances through the skin and strengthen the ability for EDTA to be absorbed transdermally to aid the body in removing toxic elements that also were able to penetrate into our cells.

Dr. Michael Roth is a retired doctor of chiropractic with extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health. After running a successful chiropractic office for nearly 15 years, "Dr. Roth branched out into peripheral realms of health study to enable him to offer his clients a more complete and overall knowledge base of wellness. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he is dedicated to provide for and educate the public regarding the gaining and maintaining of dynamic health and effective body cleansing. Dr. Roth also developed a unique topical EDTA cream for the safe, gentle and effective removal of toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body. 

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