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The Benefits of EDTA in 470 Patients

Benefits of EDTA Chelation Therapy in Arteriosclerosis: A Retrospective Study of 470 Patients

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Western societies.  More than one in three people have this medical condition. 

In the study:

  • Of the 265 patients with Myocardial Ischemia, 241 were improved

  • Of 65 patients referred for Bypass Surgery, 58 did not require it after their course of chelation

  • Of 381 patients undergoing Heart Working Capacity Assessment, 271 showed improvements (85%)

  • The average blood pressure decreased

  • Of 262 patients with Intermittent Claudication, 216 were improved. Within this group, the following results were achieved:

    • a) Of the patients referred for Amputation, 24 of 27 legs were spared following their course of chelation, but only those who had more then 30 chelation treatments

    • b) 83% of patients had reduced Rest-Pain

    • c) Wound Healing improved in 66% of patients

    • d) Foot-temperature improved in 80% of patients

    • e) 87% of patients experienced increased Walking Distance

  • 91% of patients improved who had Angina Pectoris

  • 91% of patients reduced Nitroglycerine use. Of 207 patients using nitroglycerine, 189 reduced their consumption. Most of them were able to discontinue its use altogether.


Of the 470 patients, the overall results were also impressive.

  • 371 patients had improved Overall Well-being, a 88% improvement (…This is a powerful result!  I don’t know of any other product or protocol that could achieve a solid 88% improvement in well-being like chelation.)

  • Energy/Initiative improved in 319 patients, 86%  (… Do you need more energy?)

  • Problems with Vertigo improved in 76% of patients

  • 67% of patients had improved Memory (…You would have difficulties to find a better way to improve your memory than with chelation)

  • Medicine consumption was reduced in 66% of patients (I suspect that this is also a reason why pharmaceutical companies, jointly with the FDA fight against chelation)

  • 65% had improved Hearing (…What else could achieve this high percentage? Do you have your parents hearing difficulties?)

  • Visual Sense was improved for 60% of patients. (Imagine if chelation is done in combination with the special nutrients, typically used for improving the eyesight)


The Danish authors concluded that ‘since there is massive evidence that the spontaneous
development of arteriosclerosis is the number one killer disease in the Western World,
there is every reason to hasten to increase our efforts to bring this important therapy into mainstream medicine as soon as possible.’






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